State Capitol News
12:00 pm
Sat April 11, 2015

Gov. Ducey Signs Tax Bill That Trims $31 Million in State Revenue

Gov. Doug Ducey
Credit David Wallace/The Republic

A bill designed to align the state's income tax code with federal tax law that will cut state revenue by $31 million has been signed by Gov. Doug Ducey.

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State Capitol News
8:29 am
Thu June 19, 2014

The Governor Criticizes State Income Tax Elimination Proposals

Gov. Jan Brewer
Credit Capitol Media Services file photo by Howard Fischer

Gov. Jan Brewer does not think much of proposals by some of those who would succeed her to eliminate the state income tax. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
3:21 pm
Fri April 11, 2014

Governor Signs Tax Break Bill Limited to Just Two Industries

Gov. Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer is defending a $17 million tax break she signed today for two kind of businesses and only two kinds. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
9:31 am
Tue March 25, 2014

State Lawmakers Seek a Change in Tax Brackets to Counter Inflation

Rep. Justin Olson

State lawmakers are one step away from working to keep taxpayers from being penalized because of inflation. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
12:54 pm
Wed February 12, 2014

Lawmaker Aims to Save Taxpayers from Cost of Inflation

Rep. J.D. Mesnard

A state lawmaker wants to save taxpayers from the cost of inflation. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
8:43 am
Mon December 30, 2013

New Arizona Tax Credit for Foster Care

Are you looking for a new way to divert some of what you owe the state? Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports on a new tax credit.

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State Capitol News
9:40 am
Fri December 13, 2013

Possible Arizona Tax Change Makes Some Lawmakers Nervous

Sen. Steve Yarbrough and Rep. J.D. Mesnard confer about proposed changes in state income taxes. The special panel Mesnard is chairing is recommending collapsing income tax brackets, future indexing — and moving toward a single rate.
Credit Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer

A special legislative panel voted Thursday to reduce the number of state income tax brackets. But, Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports that it’s what might come next that has some lawmakers concerned.

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9:50 am
Mon July 16, 2012

Zombies and the Tax Code


In a law review article, ASU professor Adam Chodorow warns that the state and the nation are ill prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

It's not the public health issues that concern Chodorow.

It's that the nation's tax laws are woefully inadequate to deal with the undead.

And part of the problem is that there's no consensus of when someone is truly dead. Even Arizona law is not very specific, saying only that a determination of death must be made in accordance with accepted medical standards.

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KNAU and Arizona News
3:55 pm
Tue July 10, 2012

AZ Congressional GOP Opposes President's Middle Class Tax Cut

Republicans say Arizona businesses will suffer if President Obama is allowed to increase taxes on wealthier Americans.

"The president is on the campaign trail this week calling on Congress to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for individuals making more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl says the president’s plan would just prolong this lingering bad economy and cause further layoffs in Arizona.

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State Capitol News
9:06 am
Thu April 19, 2012

AZ Senate Approves Continued Tax Credits for Film Industry

Senator Ron Gould (left)
Howard Fischer Capital Media Services

State senators voted Wednesday to resurrect a program giving generous tax credits to movie and TV producers who come here to make their shows.

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