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Republicans Still Want Redistricting Maps Tossed

Oct 31, 2012

An attorney for Republican interests asked a federal court today to scrap the map for the new legislative districts.

IRC Wants Judge to Make Redistricting Law Clear

Aug 14, 2012

Members of the Independent Redistricting Commission want a federal judge to rule that state lawmakers are wrong in saying only THEY get to draw lines for congressional districts. 

A federal court will not upset the lines drawn for the state's 30 legislative districts -- at least not this year. 

The lawsuit filed in federal court by Republican interests charges the Independent Redistricting Commission acted improperly in coming up with the maps. Challengers want a three-judge panel to review those maps and, if they find problems, issue an injunction blocking them from being used in this year's election. But attorney Mike Liburdi said he is pulling the plug on that request.

Governor Jan Brewer and legislative leaders are weighing whether to once again try to fire the chairwoman of the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Governor Jan Brewer is fighting back against claims by drafters of the redistricting initiative that she acted illegally in firing the chairwoman of the commission.