State Capitol News

State Capitol News
4:10 pm
Mon July 12, 2010

Food Prices Inching Up

Phoenix, AZ – The quarterly survey done by the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation
shows the cost of 16 basic items in the last quarter was $48.84.
That is a 6 percent hike from the first quarter of the year. The
organization's Peggy Jo Goodfellow said a big component of that
is energy costs -- specifically gasoline.

(Fuel is a production cost, especially on a farm or an ranch.
They have to factor that in when they figure prices, too. And,
I'm sure, the retailers also are figuring energy costs in.)

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State Capitol News
3:57 pm
Fri July 9, 2010

Dean Martin Withdraws from Governor Race

State Capitol News
3:54 pm
Fri July 9, 2010

New Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Needs to be Examined Closely

Phoenix, AZ – Half of the study is no surprise. The number of Arizonans working
at the end of 2009 was 6 percent less than a year earlier. At the
same time, though, the BLS also reports that the average wage of
Arizonans who do have jobs was up 3.3 percent, higher than the
national average. But economist Dan Anderson said it would be
wrong to presume that people who are employed are in fact
bringing home more money. He said it's just one of those things
that happens when companies are forced to lay off workers.

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State Capitol News
4:33 pm
Thu July 8, 2010

Donations Being Taken for SB1070 Lawsuit

Phoenix, AZ – The governor set up the fund last month to solicit contributions
to help her defend SB 1070 from the lawsuits already filed. There
was an initial spurt and then donations leveled off. That was,
however, until the Department of Justice filed its own challenge
Tuesday. That brought in $150,000 that day alone with a nearly
identical amount Wednesday. And only about one dollar out of
every five is from Arizonans. Thomas Chaput of Georgia said he
had a good reason for sending his $20.

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State Capitol News
4:35 pm
Wed July 7, 2010

Brewer Cancels Meeting of Border Governors

Phoenix, AZ – The annual conference rotates among the six Mexican and four U.S.
border states. This year was Arizona's turn, with Brewer to host.
But the Mexican governors wrote to Brewer saying they won't come
to Arizona in the wake of her decision to sign a tough new
immigration law. Now, some of her domestic counterparts are
planning to move it. That includes fellow Republican Arnold
Schwarzenegger. Francisco Castillo, his press aide, explains.

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State Capitol News
4:57 pm
Thu July 1, 2010

Photo Radar to stay - for now

Phoenix, AZ – Voters aren't going to get a chance to kill photo radar cameras,
at least not this year. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer

Shawn Dow, organizer of Citizens Against Photo Radar, admitted
his group came up far short of the more than 153,000 signatures
needed to put the question on the November ballot.

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State Capitol News
10:18 am
Thu July 1, 2010

Buz Mills Sets Campaign Spending Record