State Capitol News

State Capitol News
10:20 am
Thu April 29, 2010

Minority of Legislators Blocking Plan to Help Fun State Park System

Phoenix, AZ – The parks board already has closed several sites after state
lawmakers, looking to balance the budget, raided their funds.
Several others will shut in early June without a cash infusion.
On Wednesday the House considered a plan to borrow $40 million
from a voter-approved fund earmarked for purchasing and
preserving open space. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema objected.

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State Capitol News
4:01 pm
Wed April 28, 2010

Polls in Brewers Favor

State Capitol News
3:54 pm
Wed April 28, 2010

State is One Step Closer to Keeping Incandescents

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would allow the manufacture of those familiar
incandescent light bulbs in Arizona even after federal law
effectively makes that illegal beginning in 2014. Sen. Frank
Antenori said he is rebelling against Congress trying to regulate
everything under the excuse of interstate commerce.

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State Capitol News
8:29 am
Tue April 27, 2010

Voters May Get Last Word on Immigration Law

State Capitol News
4:11 pm
Fri April 23, 2010

Govern Brewer Unveils Her Border Security Plan

Phoenix, AZ – At a late afternoon press conference, the governor spent much of
her time railing against the federal government -- and the Obama
administration in particular -- for failing to do its job.

(Make no mistake: The responsibility to ensure that we have an
orderly, secure border, not some imaginary line in the dirt or a
rickety fence, belongs to the federal government. And they have
failed. And we in Arizona have far too long paid the price of
those failures.)

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State Capitol News
3:59 pm
Thu April 22, 2010

Religious Leaders Urge Brewer to Veto Immigration Legislation

Phoenix, AZ – Many different denominations have weighed in saying they do not
like the measure which is designed to give police more power to
question people they encounter about whether they are in this
country legally. Brewer said it's possible they just don't
understand what's in the legislation.

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State Capitol News
3:56 pm
Thu April 22, 2010

House Votes to Require Secretary of State to Verify Presidential Candidates Were Born in The United States

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would would require political parties to submit
documents proving their candidate is a natural born citizen and
meets other requirements. But the measure also gives the
secretary of state the unilateral power to keep a candidate off
the Arizona ballot if he or she has reasonable cause to believe
the candidate is not qualified. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema called that

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