State Capitol News

State Capitol News
3:33 pm
Mon July 6, 2009

Lawmakers return for budget special session

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers are back in special session this afternoon to
deal with last week's vetoes by Governor Jan Brewer of key parts
of the budget.

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State Capitol News
5:12 pm
Fri July 3, 2009

Govenor calls for special budget session

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer said this afternoon she's hoping a special
session finally produces a balanced budget she can sign. But the
same sticking point remains.

That sticking point remains her insistence that voters be given a
chance to hike the state sales tax by a penny. When she didn't
get that earlier this week, she vetoed key parts of the budget --
and ordered lawmakers back to the Capitol.

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State Capitol News
3:23 pm
Fri July 3, 2009

Republicans lash out at Governor's veto

Phoenix, AZ – The top two Republican legislators are lashing out at Governor
Jan Brewer for her veto of key elements of the state budget.

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State Capitol News
5:10 pm
Wed July 1, 2009

Legislature approves budget without sales tax

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers gave final approval early this morning to a new
budget. But it isn't the one the governor wants.

The spending plan is similar to one the Republican-controlled
Legislature enacted early last month, one that Gov. Jan Brewer
said cut spending too much. This one restores some funding for
health and social service programs like Kids Care which provides
subsidized health coverage for the children of working poor.

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State Capitol News
4:59 pm
Tue June 30, 2009

State lawmakers make final budget push

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers are set to make the big push today to enact a new
budget before the fiscal year ends at midnight.

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State Capitol News
1:43 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

Lawmakers ready budget contingency plan

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers are quietly putting together a contingency plan
to keep state government operating -- at least for a while -- if
there's no budget deal soon.

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State Capitol News
3:21 pm
Sun June 28, 2009

Budget compromise fails

Phoenix, AZ – Efforts to adopt a new spending plan for the budget year that
begins Wednesday stalled on Saturday as Republicans balked at one
key element.

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State Capitol News
1:47 pm
Sat June 27, 2009

Budget compromise proposes major tax changes

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers are slated to vote this morning on a budget plan.
But the real issue surrounds how state tax laws will be revamped.

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State Capitol News
4:22 pm
Fri June 26, 2009

Supreme Court hands state victory in English Language Learner debate

Phoenix, AZ – Today's decision of the U-S Supreme Court on the state's
responsibility to fund English learner programs is a victory for
lawmakers and school superintendent Tom Horne. But it's not the last word.

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State Capitol News
4:14 pm
Fri June 26, 2009

Legislators choose gun rights over private property rights

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers decided Thursday that the rights of gun owners
trump those of property owners, at least in some circumstances.
Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer explains.

The issue surrounds the policies of some businesses banning
employees from driving on the property with guns in their
vehicles. Rep. John Kavanagh said that undermines the right of
people to defend themselves.

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