State Capitol News

State Capitol News
12:59 pm
Tue September 22, 2009

Brewer could be vulnerable in primary

Phoe – A new statewide poll suggests that Governor Jan Brewer would be
vulnerable in a Republican primary.

The survey done by the Behavior Research Center shows 30 percent
of Republicans think the governor is doing a good or excellent
job while 27 percent rate her performance as poor or very poor.
Pollster Earl de Berge said part of the problem within her own
party may be her support of a temporary sales tax hike.

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State Capitol News
2:23 pm
Mon September 21, 2009

Organizations train possible candidates to run for office

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Education Association and Planned Parenthood are
sponsoring training sessions, beginning this coming weekend for
would-be legislators. But AEA President John Wright said they're
not just being civic minded.

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State Capitol News
2:19 pm
Sat September 19, 2009

State agencies may have to cut budgets again

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State Capitol News
2:16 pm
Fri September 18, 2009

Ability to form corporations may be halted

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State Capitol News
11:49 am
Fri September 18, 2009

State plans for swine flu vaccine

Phoenix, AZ – State health officials want mass immunization of children in
schools for the novel H1N1 flu. But there are no plans to force the vaccine on

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State Capitol News
11:52 am
Thu September 17, 2009

State's unemployment rate holds steady

Phoenix, AZ – The state's jobless rate remained relatively steady last month.
But that doesn't mean the worst is over.

The unemployment rate dropped by a tenth of a point, to 9.1
percent. But even with the seasonally expected increase in the
number of people working in education, the overall trend remains

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State Capitol News
10:31 am
Tue September 15, 2009

Arizona plans for swine flu vaccine

Phoenix, AZ – State health officials said today that anyone who wants a swine
flu vaccine is probably going to be able to get it -- eventually.

State Health Director Will Humble said Arizona is likely to get 5
million doses of the new vaccine. But there will only be 900,000
available in October, with the balance coming in in the following

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State Capitol News
10:35 am
Mon September 14, 2009

Planned Parenthood challenges state's abortion restrictions

Phoenix, AZ – The state's largest abortion provider filed suit Monday to block
a new law that imposes some new restrictions on the procedure.

That law set to take effect later this month imposes a 24-hour
waiting period before a woman can terminate a pregnancy. Planned
Parenthood does not challenge that directly. But organization
president Bryan Howard said it's unconstitutional to require pre-
abortion counseling be done face-to-face rather than over the

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State Capitol News
1:48 pm
Fri September 11, 2009

Sales Tax Ballot Initiative a Possibility

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer couldn't get her way with lawmakers on a
temporary sales tax hike. But there is another option: the initiative process.

In essence, supporters of
the concept of increasing sales taxes to bridge the gap between
revenues and expenses would have to get the signatures to put the
issue on the ballot. Brewer said she'd prefer it if lawmakers put
the question to voters themselves.

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State Capitol News
10:23 am
Fri September 11, 2009

Sandra Day O'Connor pushes for changes in state government

Phoenix, AZ – A former justice of the U-S Supreme Court is taking on a new
role: pushing for changes in the way state government here is

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