State Capitol News

State Capitol News
4:04 pm
Wed October 28, 2009

Most Arizonans say they will not get swine flu shot

Phoenix, AZ – The state's top health official is concerned about a new survey
which shows a majority of residents do not intend to be
innoculated for the swine flu. Arizona Public Radio's Howard
Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
2:08 pm
Wed October 28, 2009

Child care providers push for stimulus money

Phoenix, AZ – Child care providers and their allies want Governor Jan Brewer to
use federal stimulus dollars to fund inspection and licensing
programs instead of hiking their fees.

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State Capitol News
2:02 pm
Fri October 23, 2009

Early childhood education funds targeted

Phoenix, AZ – The news that Arizona is 2 billion dollars in the hole has some
lawmakers looking for creative ways of plugging it.

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State Capitol News
1:59 pm
Thu October 22, 2009

State parks need cash infusion

Phoenix, AZ – A new report today says the state park system needs an infusion
of outside cash to keep it operating.

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State Capitol News
1:56 pm
Wed October 21, 2009

Pearce pushes for stricter immigration laws

Phoenix, AZ – A proponent of stiffer immigration laws announced today he is
relaunching his effort.

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State Capitol News
1:53 pm
Tue October 20, 2009

Brewer's call for tax cuts on hold

Phoenix, AZ – Businesses may have to wait a little longer for the tax cuts that
Governor Jan Brewer promised them earlier this year.

The tax cuts were part of Brewer's five-point plan unveiled in
March for getting the state back on its financial feet. Speaking
Monday to a Tempe business group, the governor said she remains
convinced that lower taxes are the way to get firms to locate and
expand here.

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State Capitol News
1:51 pm
Tue October 20, 2009

Mental health funds at risk

Phoenix, AZ – State officials are warning they may have to abolish the entire
program designed to help those in mental health crisis if their
funding is cut any further.

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State Capitol News
1:48 pm
Fri October 16, 2009

State agencies prepare for 15% cuts

Phoenix, AZ – State agency chiefs detailed today what might best be described
as a list of "horribles" that will occur if they are forced to cut
their spending by 15 percent.

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State Capitol News
1:46 pm
Thu October 15, 2009

Arizona unemployment rate remains flat

Phoenix, AZ – A new report today shows the state's jobless rate remained
virtually unchanged for the second month in a row. But that doesn't necessarily
mean the economy is stabilizing.

The 9.1 percent unemployment figure for September is the same as
it was in August. And it's actually a tenth of a point less than
July. But Lisa Danka of the state Department of Commerce said
that doesn't show the whole picture.

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State Capitol News
1:43 pm
Wed October 14, 2009

Brewer lobbies against expensive coal plant retrofit

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer is trying to stop the Environmental
Protection Agency from requiring installation of some expensive
new pollution equipment at a major coal-fired power plant.

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