State Capitol News

State Capitol News
8:57 am
Mon January 11, 2010

Governor to give state of the state speech today

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer said there's a simple central theme to the message she
will give when she comes to the poduim.

(That it's incumbent upon us collectively, that all of us work
together and resolve the catastrophic crisis that Arizona is
facing. And we can do that by creating jobs. And we need to do
that as quickly as possible.)

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State Capitol News
4:12 pm
Fri January 8, 2010

Legislative leaders give assesment on upcoming session

Phoenix, AZ – In simple terms, the budget for the current fiscal year that's
already half over is still about $1.5 billion in the red, even
after a series of spending cuts and financial maneuvers. And the
outlook for the coming budget year is even worse, with the gap
between revenues and expenses somewhere in excess of $3 billion.
Speaking to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, House Speaker Kirk
Adams said fixing the problem will require further cuts.

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State Capitol News
4:08 pm
Fri January 8, 2010

Lawmaker say college students would be safer if faculty are armed

Phoenix, AZ – Existing law bars weapons on the campuses of public colleges. The
proposal by Sen. Jack Harper would carve out an exception for
faculty members who have a state-issued permit to carry a
concealed weapon.

(It's a long-time goal of mine to make sure there are no defense-
free zones where criminals know they can go into an establishment
and there'll be no law-abiding citizens there that can legally
protect themselves.)

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State Capitol News
11:09 am
Wed January 6, 2010

State Treasuer criticizes Governor for releasing immigrants from prison

Phoenix, AZ – There already is a program allowing the state to turn some
inmates convicted of minor crimes over to Immigration and Customs
Enforcement after completing half their terms. Brewer's new order
affects about 400 others ineligible for that release. And they
would get out only 90 days early. Martin said that's still a

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State Capitol News
9:14 am
Wed January 6, 2010

Political unkonw making waves in govenor's race

Phoenix, AZ – Buz Mills owns Gunsite, a firearms training facility just south
of Paulden. He also is on the board of the National Rifle
Association. But Mills, who garnered no attention last month
when he declared his candidacy, suddenly became a player with the
disclosure he has put $2 million of his own cash into the
campaign. Mills was unavailable. But campaign manager Camilla
Strongin said the move wasn't designed to scare others out of the

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State Capitol News
9:25 am
Tue December 29, 2009

AZ Senators criticize terrorist response

Phoenix, AZ – The state's two U-S senators took swipes today at how the
Department of Homeland Security handled the effort by a Nigerian
terrorist to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner.

John McCain said the fact the terrorist was subdued by passengers
does not mean the agency, headed by former Arizona Governor Janet
Napolitano, was doing its job. He said they need to do more than
just check passengers at the airport.

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State Capitol News
6:46 pm
Mon December 28, 2009

Arizona releases most popular new child names

Phoenix, AZ – State health officials annually compile the most popular names
for newborns. The new list, at least on the boys side, remains
relatively static. Three decades ago the most popular name for
boys born in the state was Michael. It also was the most popular
in 1989 and in second spot 10 years after that. It remains
popular, at No. 8 this year.

But girls? That's different.

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State Capitol News
9:27 am
Mon December 28, 2009

Health reform could hurt AHCCCS

Phoenix, AZ – The generosity of state residents to the working poor could end
up costing taxpayers here more money. Arizona Public Radio's
Howard Fischer explains.

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State Capitol News
9:30 am
Thu December 24, 2009

Brewer signs off on more budget cuts

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer inked her approval late Wednesday to the
package of nearly 200 million dollars in spending cuts and fund
shifts to help balance the budget.

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State Capitol News
9:33 am
Wed December 23, 2009

Arizona's population boom slows

Phoenix, AZ – Well, it's official: Those boom times for population growth in
the Grand Canyon State are over. Arizona Public Radio's Howard
Fischer explains.

New figures from the Census Bureau show that year-over year
growth for the period ending July 1st totaled less than 147,000.
That's just a 1.5 percent increase from the prior year. That
compares to a 3.7 percent annual growth rate just four years

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