State Capitol News

State Capitol News
9:50 am
Wed January 20, 2010

Native American lawmaker works to make traditional ceremonies illegal for non-tribal memebers

Phoenix, AZ – Sen. Albert Hale said he was alarmed last October when three
people died in Sedona after a commercial self-help guru conducted
what was billed as a Native American sweat lodge ceremony.

(That's not the way we practice that ceremony. As you know, the
ceremony was done with nearly 60 people in a large structure that
was covered with tarp and plastic.)

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State Capitol News
9:35 am
Wed January 20, 2010

Senate panel votes on measure to combat illegal immigration

Phoenix, AZ – The measure would let police arrest anyone they just reasonably
believe is in this country illegally. It would make it a crime to
stop a vehicle on the street to pick up someone to do day labor.
It would make it easier to conduct sting operations to see if
companies are hiring undocumented workers. And it would allow
lawsuits against cities and counties that have policies which
limit immimmigration enforcement to -- quote -- less than the
full extent permitted by federal law. Sen. Al Melvin said Arizona

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State Capitol News
9:54 am
Mon January 18, 2010

Paradise Valley mayor eyeing congress seat

State Capitol News
10:51 am
Fri January 15, 2010

Lawmaker hopes to convince voters to reconsider measure

Phoenix, AZ – It was 1992 when Sen. Carolyn Allen and others got voters to
impose term limits on elected officials. She said the main goal
was to oust entrenched members of Congress. But the U.S. Supreme
Court ruled states can't regulate federal lawmakers. That left
Arizona with eight-year limits on statewide officials and
legislators. Allen said the result is fewer lawmakers who know
what's come -- and been tried -- before.

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State Capitol News
10:03 am
Fri January 15, 2010

Governor proposes package of major cuts

State Capitol News
2:01 pm
Wed January 13, 2010

State treasuer Dean Martin announces bid for governor

Phoenix, AZ – Martin said the problem is that for years the state has been
spending more than it collects in taxes.

(Each of us has to live within our own means. And since
government lives off our means, why should they be any different?
We could have avoided much of this budget pain if we had simply
followed that principle.)

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State Capitol News
8:57 am
Mon January 11, 2010

Governor to give state of the state speech today

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer said there's a simple central theme to the message she
will give when she comes to the poduim.

(That it's incumbent upon us collectively, that all of us work
together and resolve the catastrophic crisis that Arizona is
facing. And we can do that by creating jobs. And we need to do
that as quickly as possible.)

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State Capitol News
4:12 pm
Fri January 8, 2010

Legislative leaders give assesment on upcoming session

Phoenix, AZ – In simple terms, the budget for the current fiscal year that's
already half over is still about $1.5 billion in the red, even
after a series of spending cuts and financial maneuvers. And the
outlook for the coming budget year is even worse, with the gap
between revenues and expenses somewhere in excess of $3 billion.
Speaking to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, House Speaker Kirk
Adams said fixing the problem will require further cuts.

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