Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Voters who sued the commission that re-drew Arizona's congressional and legislative district maps won't appeal a ruling throwing out their case.

The state Legislature asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to give its members back the right to draw the lines for the state’s nine congressional districts. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

AZ's Legislative Districts to Face Scrutiny in Court

Nov 19, 2012

A federal court is going to give Republicans a chance to argue that the state's 30 legislative districts should be redrawn for the 2014 election.

Two lawsuits already have been filed, one challenging the way the commission divided up the 30 legislative districts and the other over the nine congressional districts. Both lawsuits contend the commission did not follow laws in drawing the maps. Rep. Ted Vogt said this new lawsuit has a much narrower focus.

Redistricting Commission Approves Final Maps

Jan 17, 2012

The Independent Redistricting Commission gave final approved today to the maps that will govern state politics for the coming decade. But Republicans on the panel say the maps are rigged to advantage Democrats.