Planned Parenthood

Arizona lawmakers have advanced three measures targeting abortion providers after hearings in the Arizona Senate.

Republican Sen. Nancy Barto's Senate Bill 1474 also was sent to the full Senate on Wednesday. It makes it illegal for an abortion provider to sell or otherwise transfer a human fetus or embryo for use in research. Planned Parenthood of Arizona says it doesn't have a fetal tissue-donation program.

The number of abortions reported in Arizona is down.

A state report says there were 12,900 reported abortions performed in Arizona in 2014. That's down 3.7 percent from the 13,401 reported abortions performed in 2013 in Arizona.

About three-quarters of the abortions performed in 2014 involved surgical procedures, while the remainder used a medication-induced procedure.

Arizona Abortion Law Kept on Hold by Federal Court

Apr 9, 2014

The state’s new law restricting medication abortions will remain unenforceable, at least until the middle of next month. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

Unable to stop new abortion restrictions from taking effect, this week opponents of the laws asked a federal appeals court to now block those rules from being enforced. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

Planned Parenthood has filed suit in federal court to block new restrictions on medical abortions. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.