Newt Gingrich

What could be the most important debate among Republican Presidential candidates takes place in Mesa, Arizona tonight. It’s the last debate before Super Tuesday when ten states hold primary elections. 

Terry Ray is enjoying breakfast with his daughter and granddaughter at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert--about five miles from where the Republican Presidential Debate will take place. The retired probation officer would like to see candidates address what he considers the most pressing issue in Arizona and the nation.

Santorum Gaining in AZ Primary Race

Feb 20, 2012

Rick Santorum appears to have pulled within striking distance of Mitt Romney here with just a week to go to the state's presidential primary. 

The survey by Public Policy Polling finds Romney the choice a 36 percent of likely Arizona Republican voters questioned, with Santorum just three points behind. That's well within the poll's margin of error.

Dustin Ingalls, the poll's assistant director, said that makes Wednesday's debate all that more important.

Gage Skidmore

More than seventy members of Congress are backing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, including Arizona Senator John McCain and Congressman Jeff Flake. While Gingrich has only won ten endorsements from members of Congress – half are from his home state of Georgia. But one of his most outspoken backers is Arizona Congressman Trent Franks…who is actively trying to woo his colleagues into the Gingrich camp.