KNAU and Arizona News
11:01 am
Thu December 5, 2013

Brain Food: Growing Human Skin

Dr. Robert Kellar in his NACET/NAU lab
Credit Bonnie Stevens/KNAU

Step into Robert Kellar's physiology and anatomy class at NAU and you'll learn how the human body works. But, step into his lab an you'll learn how to grow human skin. Dr. Kellar can teach plants how to manufacture human protein.

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KNAU and Arizona News
5:09 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Brain Food: The One Gene Difference

NAU biology professor Tom Whitham

Some scientists predict the Southwest will continue on its warming trend. NAU biology professor Tom Whitham says the rise in temperatures is happening so fast - 3 degrees in the last 60 years - that many plants are not able to adapt and survive.

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KNAU and Arizona News
8:16 am
Thu November 7, 2013

Brain Food: It's A Microbial World Afterall

Dr. Greg Caporaso researches microbial genetics and genomics at NAU.
Credit Monica Saaty / IDEA Lab

Bacteria make up most of life on Earth. It's life we can't see. Some bacteria thrive in such extreme environments as the boiling water of the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, or in the driest place on Earth - the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. But, according to Greg Caporaso in the Center of Microbial Genetics and Genomics at NAU, the most extreme environment for life is inside the human body.

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Olympics 2012
4:00 am
Mon July 30, 2012

NAU's Diego Estrada is Running for Gold for Mexico

Diego Estrada
Courtesy of NAU Athletics Department

It’s a typical sunny Flagstaff day, and Diego Estrada takes a break from training to visit a favorite taqueria.

While many Olympians spend their days focusing every second on their sport, Estrada takes a slightly different approach.

“I’ve done my best to avoid it," he said. "I actually started working on my room, I painted it, I built a bed from scratch.  I’ve been trying to stay distracted because I know if I focus too much I’m going to burn out or lose interest.  Our goal has been to stay away from it and treat it like any other race."

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Olympics 2012
12:11 pm
Thu July 26, 2012

NAU's Lopez Lomong is Heading to the Olympics

Lopez Lomong
Courtesy of NAU Athletics Department

The Olympics are just about to get underway, but Lopez Lomong is not in London yet.

He’s returned to Flagstaff in order to finish his training.

Lopez says Flagstaff is the place that made him a world-class athlete, and he’s bringing some of his US teammates with him.

“It’s like I’m still a student here.  I still run the same trails, they’re still the same distances.  That’s why I’m bringing some of my friends, my teammates, the love of what Flagstaff has to offer to the world.”

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State Capitol News
2:13 pm
Thu March 8, 2012

Senate Committee Decides to Send NAU and ASU a Present

A Senate panel voted today to give additional cash to two of the state's three universities. 

The $12 million for Arizona State University and $3.3 million for Northern Arizona University would be on top of whatever cash lawmakers and the governor approve for the schools. Senator Steve Yarbrough said the move is designed to address the fact that, the way the budget has been set for years, has resulted in the University of Arizona getting more state cash per student than the other two schools.

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