Mexican election

10:45 am
Mon July 2, 2012

Mexico's New President Hails From Old Party

Patricia Terrazas casts her ballot for the Mexican presidential election in Ciudad Juárez. She is both a Mexican citizen and a U.S. resident who lives and works in El Paso, Texas.
Monica Ortiz Uribe

Mexico's oldest political party is back in power.

On Sunday, voters delivered a robust victory to Enrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. After a 12-year absence the party that ruled Mexico for seven decades will once again lead the country.

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9:40 am
Fri June 29, 2012

Americans Watch Mexico Closely On Election Day

John Wood, a Texas businessman, stands at the edge of an unfinished rail bridge that will link Brownsville, Tex., with Mexico. He's closely watching the Mexican presidential election.
Peter O'Dowd

Standing on the edge of an unfinished railroad bridge outside of Brownsville, Texas, businessman John Wood can see across the Rio Grande into Mexico.

"We are tied together," Wood said of the two countries. "It's kind of like an umbilical cord."

The rail line will connect Brownsville with Matamoros, Mexico, when completed. It's the first of its kind to connect the countries in a century.

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5:30 pm
Tue June 5, 2012

Mexican Presidential Frontrunner Draws Crowds, And Protests

Supporters of Enrique Peña Nieto at a campaign event in downtown Tijuana.
Jill Replogle

TIJUANA, Mexico — Enrique Peña Nieto is the kind of politician who elicits screams from young women along with the more sober cheering of other supporters. He’s handsome and smooth, his hair slickly combed back in a slight puff that’s exaggerated in political cartoons and masks of his likeness.

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