Lopez Lomong

Former N-A-U track star Lopez Lomong has advanced to the finals of the men’s 5,000 meter Olympic race in London. 

Lomong turned in a time of 13:26.16 in his semifinal heat, finishing in fourth place. 

The top 5 finishers in each heat were guaranteed a spot in the finals,

Five more spots went to the fastest runners who did not finish in their race’s top five.

Lomong’s time is 15 seconds slower than his personal best and 2012 world leading time, posted in April.

Another former Lumberjack, David McNeill, did not make it to the finals.

Courtesy of NAU Athletics Department

The Olympics are just about to get underway, but Lopez Lomong is not in London yet.

He’s returned to Flagstaff in order to finish his training.

Lopez says Flagstaff is the place that made him a world-class athlete, and he’s bringing some of his US teammates with him.

“It’s like I’m still a student here.  I still run the same trails, they’re still the same distances.  That’s why I’m bringing some of my friends, my teammates, the love of what Flagstaff has to offer to the world.”