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KNAU and Arizona News
4:54 am
Thu May 14, 2015

Brain Food: Artifacts Offer Insight Into Lives Of Slaves

NAU anthropologist/archaeologist Sharon Moses and a volunteer excavate materials found underneath slave cabins on South Carolina's Cat Island
Credit Sharon Moses

Beneath piles of bricks that were once chimneys for slave quarters, anthropologist and archaeologist Sharon Moses is unearthing what she believes are spiritual artifacts on South Carolina's Cat Island. Nails, shells, buttons and pottery bundled together, she says, were likely part of Hoodoo magic intended to protect the inhabitants.

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State Capitol News
1:45 pm
Wed May 13, 2015

Arizona Leads the Nation in Higher Ed Budget Cuts Since the Great Recession

Gov. Doug Ducey and state lawmakers say the $99 million in cuts to higher education was necessary to contend with a $1.5 billion budget deficit.
Credit Mark Henle/The Republic

A recent report shows Arizona leading the nation in cuts to higher education since the Great Recession. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, the study comes just months after the state trimmed nearly $100 million from its three public universities.

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Earth Notes
12:00 pm
Wed May 13, 2015

Earth Notes: Utah’s Bison

Above Moab’s Mill Canyon, a sandstone cliff holds an art gallery. Its images range from petroglyphs left by the ancient Fremont people to cowboy inscriptions. One stands out—a bull bison, complete with hump and horns. Nearby, painted Ute warriors carry shields, a form of body armor crafted from the animal’s skin.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:39 am
Wed May 13, 2015

Grand Canyon Aerial Tram Project Backed By New Navajo President

Jonathan Nez, left, and Russell Begaye claim victory April 21 during the special election on the Navajo Nation at the Window Rock Sports Center in Window Rock, Ariz.
Credit The Daily Times

Russell Begaye has been sworn in as president of the Navajo Nation and agreed to support several of his predecessor's projects.

Begaye easily beat former two-term President Joe Shirley Jr. in a special election last month. He succeeds Ben Shelly, who served an extended term while legal challenges surrounding the election played out in court.

Begaye and Shelly signed an agreement Tuesday during the inauguration ceremony that outlines eight projects that Begaye will push forward. Among them is a controversial proposal for an aerial tram at the east rim of the Grand Canyon.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:45 am
Tue May 12, 2015

Navajo Nation President To Be Sworn In Today

Russell Begaye

Russell Begaye will be sworn in Tuesday as president of the Navajo Nation.

Begaye easily beat former two-term President Joe Shirley Jr. in a special election last month to win the post on the country's largest American Indian reservation.

Begaye and Jonathan Nez, the vice president-elect, will serve a shorter term than usual. That's because the presidential contest was postponed by more than five months as legal challenges played out in court.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:37 am
Mon May 11, 2015

Grand Canyon To Mark Renovation Of Kolb Studio

The historic Kolb Studio at the Grand Canyon's South Rim looks like new again.

Park officials will celebrate the completion of a two-year renovation of the iconic, cedar-shingled property Saturday.

Built in 1904, Kolb Studio was the workspace and home of brothers Emery and Ellsworth Kolb for decades.

The brothers sold photographs they took of tourists visiting the canyon. They are also credited with bringing interest to the Grand Canyon by filming themselves navigating the Colorado River.

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KNAU and Arizona News
8:12 am
Fri May 8, 2015

Concessionaire Drops Efforts To Trademark Grand Canyon Names

A major national parks concessionaire has dropped efforts to trademark names of the most popular properties at the Grand Canyon.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts applied for roughly 20 trademarks before its contract to manage South Rim hotels, restaurants and mule rides expired at the end of December. It later won a temporary contract.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office now lists some of them as "dead." For others, Xanterra has stated it is abandoning the applications.

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KNAU and Arizona News
5:00 am
Fri May 8, 2015

New Eagle Aviary on Navajo Nation Will Supply Ceremonial Feathers to Members

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly with a representative from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, as well as a golden eagle, attend the Navajo Nation Zoo Fest on Sat, May 2. At the event, the president committed to signing legislation that will fund a new golden eagle aviary at the zoo.
Credit Navajo Nation

Outgoing Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly is expected to sign legislation that will fund the construction of a large golden-eagle aviary. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, the move will expand a current program allowing tribal members to legally obtain the feathers of federally protected birds for ceremonial purposes. 

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Southwest Book Reviews
4:41 am
Fri May 8, 2015

KNAU's Southwest Book Review: Laraine Herring's 'Writing Begins With the Breath'

Credit www.laraineherring.com

If you've ever decided that you're finally going to sit down and write the novel, article, or collection of short stories you've always wanted to do only to find that months later you haven't written a word, then author Laraine Herring has some advice for you. In her new book Writing Begins with the Breath, the Prescott-based writer offers an almost yogic perspective on the influence breathing can have on writing. It's an idea KNAU's Southwest Book reviewer Mary Sojourner thinks is spot-on.

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State Capitol News
5:45 pm
Thu May 7, 2015

ABOR Approves In-State Tuition for Dreamers

Credit Tom Tingle/Arizona Republic

The board overseeing Arizona's three public universities has voted to grant in-state tuition to young immigrants who were granted deferred deportation status by the Obama administration.

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