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Melissa Sevigny

The Navajo Nation is arid and vast—nearly thirty thousand square miles. Hydrologists struggle to collect much-needed measurements of rainfall there. But now they have help from NASA satellites.

Photo Courtesy of AZFS

Prescott residents are trying to come up with a plan to save a fire station that housed 19 firefighters who died in a 2013 wildfire before the city decides to sell the building.

A former Flagstaff police officer has been indicted for punching a woman in the face while trying to arrest her in an incident captured on video last November.


The spring equinox is one of two days a year when the equator lines up with the center of the sun, creating a balance of day and night. Historically – for many indigenous people of the world – this celestial event marks a time for renewal, emergence of life and planting of crops. 

Carlyle Begay

A report circulating for months that former state senator Carlyle Begay had been hired by the White House as the advisor on Indian Affairs is false. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports.