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World-renowned Navajo artist Bahe Whitethorne Jr. died this week at the age of 41. It was sudden and a cause of death is yet to be publically released. Whitethorne was an accomplished painter, illustrator and musician. His vibrant murals are scattered across the southwest. Friends remember him as a visionary artist with a joyful heart and helpful nature. KNAU’s Justin Regan has this remembrance.


The Navajo Nation has sued the federal government and the city over Winslow over the death of a tribal member who was shot by a police officer.


Arizona astronomers are building a spacecraft the size and shape of a shoebox to learn more about potentially habitable planets beyond our solar system. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.


Grand Canyon National Park is revising some water restrictions before an expected busy Easter weekend.

Aaron Siirila, CC

The phrase ‘"Black Death" conjures horror for the sheer number of people who died from plague in medieval times. But, the same disease poses a modern threat to wildlife across the Southwest.