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Election officials in Yavapai County say a small number of voters in Prescott received early ballots with incorrect return dates listed on them. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, worker error is to blame.

AZ Daily Star

Arizona voters will decide on the November ballot whether the state should raise its minimum wage from $8.05 an hour to $12 by 2020. Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, recent polling suggests a majority of voters support the increase.

Michael Collier

Reconciliation ecology is a way to live in places we have already touched. It’s a strategy that acknowledges human presence, yet enhances the environment and improves wildlife habitat.  

Yavapai Regional Medical Center

A nonprofit that operates hospitals in Prescott and Prescott Valley has agreed to pay $5.85 million to settle a lawsuit contending it inflated payments from the federal government under the Medicare program by using an inflated wage scale for the Prescott area.


Grand Canyon National Park will begin its winter shutdown of most visitors at the North Rim in mid-October.