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George Hardeen


Turning on the lights or opening the fridge are things many of us take for granted. But if you’ve never had electricity, they might seem like luxuries. Now, for dozens of families on the Navajo Nation, those luxuries are becoming a reality. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, more than 60 families will soon have electricity for the first time in their lives.

Margie Tso has a beautiful view from her family ranch on the Navajo Nation, just southeast of Page.

“I have been living out here since 1952,” said Tso.


The Navajo Nation plans to add nearly two dozen new service centers to their Head Start education program over the course of this new year. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

Over the weekend, the Hopi Tribal Council unanimously agreed to approve a resolution formally opposing the development of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project. Tribal officials say the area in which the development is planned is an ancient sacred site where modern Hopis continue to go to leave prayer offerings. Hopi Vice Chairman Herman Honanie says the location is "unacceptable to Hopi religious leaders, practitioners and the Hopi people". He says the Hopi tribe has original title and use of the area.

Weekend March Protests SB1070

Sep 24, 2012

Demonstrators marched to the Maricopa County jail in downtown Phoenix on Saturday in yet another protest of Arizona's illegal immigration law, SB1070.

The 23rd Flagstaff Festival of Science begins tonight, and this year's theme is water. Over the next ten days, there will be dozens of water-related events, including a talk by the grand daughter of legendary filmmaker, Jacques Cousteau. Arizona Public Radio's Shelley Smithson spoke with festival organizer Bonnie Stevens.

*Cousteau's talk is tonight at 7:00 at NAU's Ardrey Auditorium*

Motor Excellence is a four year old company developing electric motor technologies.   After more than doubling its workforce in the past year to 56 full time positions, the board decided yesterday to lay off 16 people.  President Jon MrKonich said it was a business decision, so the company could focus getting their core products to market.

Officials at Grand Canyon National Park have halted plans to ban the sale of bottled water to park visitors. AZPR’s Gillian Ferris Kohl reports the move comes shortly after discussions with Coca Cola, the main provider of bottled water at the Grand Canyon.

Flagstaff, AZ – Native Americans have one of the lowest cancer rates in the country. But when they do get the disease, Native people have the lowest survival rate of any minority group. Now, a group of linguists and public health professionals on the Navajo Nation is working to change that.

Edward Garrison, a public health researcher at Dine College, says the general consensus is "That Native Americans don't understand the importance of early detection and screening."

Flagstaff, AZ – Grand Canyon's current backcountry management plan has been in place since 1988. And things have changed. Rachel Bennett is the environmental protection specialist at Grand Canyon. She says river-assisted backcountry travel, or "packrafting" is a new use of the park, and other activities like trail running, bicycling and canyoneering are becoming more popular.