KNAU and Arizona News

Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit has been appointed to a senior management post in Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, and DeWit says he plans to keep his elected office while volunteering.

Trump’s campaign announced Wednesday the appointment of DeWit as chief operating officer to run administrative and organizational operations.

A Republican, DeWit has headed Trump’s presidential campaign in Arizona. He was elected in 2014 as treasurer, a $70,000-a-year position.

A woman who was fatally shot by an Arizona police officer earlier this year had medical scissors in her hand as she approached him, the officer's body camera video released Wednesday shows.

The video made public by the city of Winslow came days after the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said Officer Austin Shipley was justified in shooting Loreal Tsingine, 27, because he felt his life and that of another officer were threatened.

NASA/Bill Ingalls

August is the month of meteors. From the Arizona Science Desk, Melissa Sevigny reports on two upcoming showers of shooting stars.

Ryan Heinsius

Incoming Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Christine Lehnertz made her first visit to the park since her appointment. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, one of her main goals will be to promote a climate of equality for employees in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal.

Emergency fire shelters used by wildland firefighters may soon become more effective by using NASA technology. Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports they’ll be made with similar heat-resistant materials used to enter the Martian atmosphere.