State's Attorneys Respond on SB 1070 Suit

Sep 17, 2012

Attorneys for Gov. Jan Brewer told a federal judge today she should reject a bid to keep a controversial section of SB 1070 from being enforced for at least for a little while longer.

Rights Groups Still Trying to Stop SB 1070

Sep 14, 2012

Civil rights groups are making a last-ditch effort this afternoon to keep a key provision of the state's immigration law from being enforced as early as next week.

Adrian Florido

Every year, the Department of Homeland Security releases statistics showing how many deportations its enforcement agencies -– Immigration and Customs, the Border Patrol -- have carried out in the previous year.

State Can Enforce Status Check Part of SB 1070

Sep 6, 2012
Howard Fischer / Capitol Media Services

A federal judge gave the go-ahead Wednesday for the state to enforce a key provision of SB 1070. But that is not the last word on whether it is legal.

Judge Rules SB 1070 Can Move Forward

Sep 5, 2012

A federal judge cleared the way today for the state to start enforcing the most sweeping provision of its 2010 immigration law.