Lawmaker Wants to Protect Scofflaws

Jan 22, 2013

A state legislator wants to provide legal cover for people who do not want to obey new federal gun laws and regulations.

Obama's Gun Plan Could Impact Weapons Trafficking

Jan 17, 2013

President Barack Obama called for a series of laws and restrictions that would overhaul the nation’s gun laws on Wednesday. Some of those steps could have an impact on weapons trafficking across the border into Mexico.

Governor Sets Limits on Guns in Public Schools

Jan 10, 2013
Howard Fischer / Capital Media Services

Gov. Jan Brewer said today she does not want armed teachers, principals and volunteers in public schools.

Mika Järvinen

Assistant Minority Leader Linda Lopez said Adam Lanza had a rifle with a 30-round capacity when he killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

AZ House Democrat Proposes More Fees on Gun Sales

Jan 9, 2013

Licensed dealers have to do background checks on would-be buyers. But federal law exempts person-to-person sales. And that has been interpreted to include those at gun shows.

Tucson Shootings Spark Gun Buyback

Jan 9, 2013
Michel Marizco

Two years after the Tucson killings that left six people dead and suspended the career of a congresswoman, the city inaugurated a gun buyback program for citizens to turn in their weapons.

Gov. Brewer Says No to New Gun Restrictions

Jan 8, 2013
Gage Skidmore

Gov. Jan Brewer said today she will not support any new restrictions on guns even in the wake of high profile shootings.

Armed Guards in Every School?

Dec 21, 2012

A proposal by the National Rifle Association for armed police officers in every school is picking up an unusual ally -- the state House Democratic leader.

AZ Pro-Gun Group Wants Armed Volunteers in Schools

Dec 19, 2012

A statewide gun-rights group said today that lawmakers should consider having armed and trained volunteers and staff in schools to protect students against future attacks.

Governor Brewer on Gun Bills She Signed

Dec 17, 2012

Jan Brewer said today she's not sure if any of those gun bills she signed as governor should be revisited in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut.