Grand Canyon

A wildfire that has been a potential threat to a highway serving the Grand Canyon's North Rim has spread thanks to dry and windy conditions.

A plan to widen hundreds of miles of camping corridors south of the Grand Canyon is drawing opposition from conservationists.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that Kaibab National Forest officials say popular corridors to the canyon's South Rim will be expanded from 30 feet to 300 feet over the next three years.

The limit is 300 feet in several other forests in Arizona.

The proposal means opening access to an additional 21,000 acres for off-road camping as well as 24 miles of official road within two forest districts.

Authorities at the Grand Canyon are looking for vandals who defaced a rock near an overlook on the South Rim.

Park spokeswoman Kirby-Lynn Shedlowski says a visitor photographed the rock with “Evans 16” spray-painted in black, and a man and woman walking away from it on May 22.

The man was wearing a reddish-pink T-shirt and brown pants with a gray sweater tied around his waist. The woman had on jeans and a long-sleeve camouflage-print shirt.

Defacing a natural feature is a federal offense that carries jail time and fines.

U.S. National Park Service

Grand Canyon National Park has earned provisional status as an International Dark Sky Park.

Susannah Porter

Microscopic fossils in the Grand Canyon show evidence of a vampire-like predator that punctured its prey to suck out the innards.