Governor Jan Brewer

Bennett: Governor Can't Run Again

Dec 7, 2012
Howard Fischer / Capitol Media Services

The state's chief election official said Monday morning that as far as he's concerned, Jan Brewer's reign as governor ends in January 2015, no matter what she and her legal help say.

Governor Brewer in Afghanistan

Dec 7, 2012

Gov. Jan Brewer got an up-close look at the war in Afghanistan this week.

A Tennessee businessman with a penchant for collecting cars is helping Jan Brewer elect Republicans to Congress, here and elsewhere.

Governor's PAC Starts Spending

Oct 16, 2012

Governor Jan Brewer has finally decided where to start spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars she's collected for her political action committee.

Pete Souza, official White House photographer

Gov. Jan Brewer moved today to block those who take advantage of the Obama administration's deferred prosecution program for illegal immigrants from getting public benefits or even driver licenses.

Judge Refuses to Block Governor's Day of Prayer

Aug 13, 2012

In her ruling, Judge Eileen Willett did not address the various arguments that such a declaration is an improper action by the government into religion. Instead, the judge concluded that the challengers have not shown -- quote -- a direct injury -- which would entitle them to sue. But attorney Richard Morris said the judge ignored the fact that the plaintiffs include not just those who do not believe, but those of various religions who do not want to be urged by the governor to pray.

Gage Skidmore

This year's legislative session was heavy on issues related to issues of morality and religion.

A new law signed this week by Gov. Jan Brewer could give an estimated 100,000 children in public schools a check from the state to go to a private or parochial school instead. 

Under that law, any student whose school is rated a D or worse on overall academic performance qualifies for a voucher, good for about $4,000 a year. That covers 183 of 15-hundred schools that have been graded. Gubernatorial press aide Matthew Benson said that's not enough to pay tuition at many private schools -- and some families will not be able to take advantage of the program.

Howard Fischer / Capital Media Services

Governor Jan Brewer signed legislation this afternoon creating new and expanded tax cuts for business that proponents say will stimulate job growth. 

State Workers Lose Employment Protections

May 10, 2012
Gage Skidmore

Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation this afternoon designed to eventually make virtually every worker in Arizona state government an at-will employee who can be disciplined or fired at will.