gopher snake

KNAU and Arizona News
5:00 am
Mon June 22, 2015

Navajo Nation Zoo Relocates Snakes Out of Cultural Concern

A gopher snake formerly housed at the Navajo Nation Zoo. It, along with another gopher snake, were relocated to an aquarium in Utah in March. A rattlesnake from the zoo was sent to the Staten Island Zoological Society in New York last month.
Credit David Mikesic/AP

For the first time more than 30 years, the Navajo Nation Zoo is not exhibiting snakes. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, zoo officials made the decision to relocate the animals because many Navajos view them with deep suspicion.

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Earth Notes
8:46 am
Wed April 25, 2012

Earth Notes: Rattled on the Trail

Few sounds in nature are as instantly recognizable and terrifying as the sudden rattle of a pit viper. No matter how often you’ve heard it, it’s a sound that sends a jolt of adrenaline and raises the hair on the back of the neck.

But look closely, because maybe what you’re hearing isn’t a rattlesnake at all.

It might instead be a close mimic, a gopher snake. With their speckled, earth-tone appearance, these common snakes look something like rattlesnakes, but they aren’t dangerous. In fact, they are highly beneficial and eat large numbers of rodents.

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