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Beef Prices Down in the State, But Remain High

Oct 7, 2014

Beef prices are finally starting to drop in the state. But, as Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports, they’re still no bargain.

Arizona Food Prices Rise By 10 Percent

Jul 1, 2014

Food costs have spiked in the state as a result of drought. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

Breakfast in Arizona Becomes a Little More Expensive

Jan 7, 2014

That traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs is costing consumers more. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains why.

Pork Prices Remain Stable

Jan 10, 2013

Trying to save money at the grocery store?  You might want to look at what's been called the other white meat.

Food Prices Drop in Arizona

Oct 17, 2012
Tijmen Stam

Got a freezer? It might be a good time to stock up on meat.