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Earth Notes
11:08 am
Fri December 23, 2005

Ecoterror suspect kills self in Flagstaff jail

William Rodgers was found dead in his prison cell in Flagstaff, hours before he was due to be transported to a federal detention facility in Florence, Arizona.
Coconino County Sheriff's Office

Flagstaff, AZ – William Rogers was found unresponsive early Thursday morning in his cell at the Coconino County Detention Center. He was pronounced dead a short time later by the county medical examiner, who also determined the cause of death was from asphyxiation, or suffication by a plastic bag. Charlie Wong is a lieutenant at the detention facility. Wong said Rogers, who had been held at the jail since December 7, was not considered a suicide risk.

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Earth Notes
12:10 am
Thu December 15, 2005

Escalante River Journey

The swollen Escalante River below Stevens Arch.
photo courtesy Brian Cass

Escalante River, Utah – When I first inquired about running the Escalante River, I was sent a small booklet put out by the Bureau of Land Management titled Floating the Escalante River: Or Pushing, Pulling, Towing, and Portaging Your Boat Down the Escalante River.

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Earth Notes
9:39 am
Wed December 14, 2005

Passionate Vision: Joella Jean Mahoney

courtesy Museum of Northern Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ – For many people, Joella Jean Mahoney's paintings perfectly capture their own images of the Southwestern landscape. Five decades of Mahoney's work are on display now at the Museum of Northern Arizona. But perhaps suprisingly, the influential Arizona painter is not an Arizona native. Mahoney recalled her first day in Flagstaff more than 50 years ago for Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich.

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Earth Notes
11:04 am
Fri December 9, 2005

Flagstaff considers public breastfeeding ordinance

Flagstaff – This fall, Chandler became the first city in Arizona to pass legislation regarding public breastfeeding. Since then, several other Arizona cities have begun to examine the issue. Now, the Flagstaff City Council has been asked to consider a proposal to create a city-wide ordinance protecting public breastfeeding. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl has this report.

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Earth Notes
2:45 pm
Thu December 8, 2005

Indian Trust

Elouise Cobell, the lead plaintiff in the Indian Trust lawsuit

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Earth Notes
10:49 am
Mon November 28, 2005

Kingman teens protest war

Kingman, AZ – Sound of cars driving by

Rush hour traffic on a Wednesday evening in downtown Kingman is virtually non-existent. It is, perhaps, not the greatest venue for an effective war protest. Nonetheless, a group of young people line historic Route 66 hoping their homemade signs to Honk for Peace will draw some reaction from their few passersby.


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Earth Notes
12:08 am
Sat November 19, 2005

Sharing the Table at Garland's Lodge

Flagstaff, AZ – Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich speaks with Mary Garland and Amanda Stine, co-authors of "Sharing the Table at Garland's Lodge", a cookbook which collects more than 275 recipes from the lodge in Oak Creek Canyon from the past 30 years.

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Earth Notes
2:45 am
Sat October 22, 2005

Jan Brett: Honey, Honey, Lion

Flagstaff, AZ – Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich speaks with children's book author and illustrator Jan Brett. Brett recently demonstrated her unique style of drawing to an audience in Flagstaff.

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