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Earth Notes
11:33 pm
Tue January 10, 2006

State of the State recap

Governor Janet Napolitano gives her fourth State of the State address.

Flagstaff, AZ – Governor Janet Napolitano vowed Monday to be fiscally responsible with the budget surplus but to also cut taxes, get tough with border security and give both state employees and teachers a pay raise. Arizona Public Radio's Laurel Druley reports.

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Earth Notes
3:02 pm
Mon January 9, 2006

Underwater Christmas Trees

01/09/06 – 2/15:32 Bring up forklift sound

On the shores of Lake Havasu at Partner's Point, two men work under the winter sun, loading an Army-green forklift with Christmas trees. It's an odd sight in a desert landscape virtually devoid of trees. It's also unusual because the trees are being loaded onto, of all things, a boat.

More forklift sound. Fade under sound bite.

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Earth Notes
5:01 pm
Thu January 5, 2006

GOP calls for state employee pay hike

Northern Arizona University

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Earth Notes
9:23 am
Tue January 3, 2006

Prescott College retraces Powell expedition

Flagstaff, AZ – "Wow man this is so cool!"

NAU special collections librarian Richard Quartaroli shows the class several Powell related primary documents and maps.

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Earth Notes
11:47 am
Fri December 30, 2005

Mohave Generating Station to shut down

Kykotsmovi, AZ – To Vernon Maseyesva, this coming New Year's Day is like another holiday for Hopi people.

AX: This is Independence Day. Independence Day. We cut the umbilical cord to the company store, that has bought out our soul.

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Earth Notes
11:08 am
Fri December 23, 2005

Ecoterror suspect kills self in Flagstaff jail

William Rodgers was found dead in his prison cell in Flagstaff, hours before he was due to be transported to a federal detention facility in Florence, Arizona.
Coconino County Sheriff's Office

Flagstaff, AZ – William Rogers was found unresponsive early Thursday morning in his cell at the Coconino County Detention Center. He was pronounced dead a short time later by the county medical examiner, who also determined the cause of death was from asphyxiation, or suffication by a plastic bag. Charlie Wong is a lieutenant at the detention facility. Wong said Rogers, who had been held at the jail since December 7, was not considered a suicide risk.

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Earth Notes
12:10 am
Thu December 15, 2005

Escalante River Journey

The swollen Escalante River below Stevens Arch.
photo courtesy Brian Cass

Escalante River, Utah – When I first inquired about running the Escalante River, I was sent a small booklet put out by the Bureau of Land Management titled Floating the Escalante River: Or Pushing, Pulling, Towing, and Portaging Your Boat Down the Escalante River.

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Earth Notes
9:39 am
Wed December 14, 2005

Passionate Vision: Joella Jean Mahoney

courtesy Museum of Northern Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ – For many people, Joella Jean Mahoney's paintings perfectly capture their own images of the Southwestern landscape. Five decades of Mahoney's work are on display now at the Museum of Northern Arizona. But perhaps suprisingly, the influential Arizona painter is not an Arizona native. Mahoney recalled her first day in Flagstaff more than 50 years ago for Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich.

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Earth Notes
11:04 am
Fri December 9, 2005

Flagstaff considers public breastfeeding ordinance

Flagstaff – This fall, Chandler became the first city in Arizona to pass legislation regarding public breastfeeding. Since then, several other Arizona cities have begun to examine the issue. Now, the Flagstaff City Council has been asked to consider a proposal to create a city-wide ordinance protecting public breastfeeding. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl has this report.

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Earth Notes
2:45 pm
Thu December 8, 2005

Indian Trust

Elouise Cobell, the lead plaintiff in the Indian Trust lawsuit

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