Earth Notes

Earth Notes
6:35 am
Wed February 3, 2010

Earth Notes - The Backyard Chicken Makes A Comeback

Flagstaff, AZ – With a growing movement toward sustainable, locally-grown food, cities across the country, including Flagstaff, are changing ordinances so that residents can raise backyard chickens within city limits.

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Earth Notes
1:25 pm
Wed January 27, 2010

Earth Notes - Pipe Springs National Monument

Flagstaff, AZ – Pipe Springs National Monument is a cool oasis in the hot desert of northern Arizona. But it might not have stayed that way if a former director of the National Park Service hadn't had car trouble near the future monument.

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Earth Notes
11:05 am
Wed January 20, 2010

A Funnky Looking Fish Fights For Survival In The Grand Canyon

The March, 2008

Flagstaff, AZ – Biologists in Grand Canyon are conducting an experiment on a tiny native fish whose populations have become threatened. In this installment of Earth Notes, we hear about the funny-looking Humpback Chub's fight - and flight - for survival.

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Earth Notes
6:17 am
Wed January 13, 2010

Earth Notes - Dieting on Climate Change

Juniper has taken over where pi?on once stood. Drought, bark beetles and a warming climate have killed thousands of pi?ons in Northern Arizona.
Sadie Babits

Flagstaff, AZ – In this installment of Earth Notes, we hear about how climate change can affect the diets of woodland and desert-dwelling creatures.

Earth Notes
9:40 am
Wed December 30, 2009

Earth Notes - Quicksand

Flagstaff, AZ – Earthnotes: Quicksand

About eight centuries ago, the ancestors of today's Hopi people built several villages along the Little Colorado River near present-day Winslow. They called the place "Hom lovi," meaning "place of the little hills," and the ruins they left behind became an archaeological landmark.

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Earth Notes
2:57 pm
Wed December 16, 2009

Earth Notes - Grand Canyon Uranium

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Grand Canyon Uranium

The colorful rock layers of the Colorado Plateau hide many economically important secrets. One of the most valuable, and controversial, is uranium.

Much of the uranium on the Colorado Plateau accumulated around decaying organic material in ancient stream sediments. But by far the richest concentrations occur in structures called breccia (pron. breh-chee-uh, with the emphasis on the first syllable) pipes that are especially common in the Grand Canyon region.

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Earth Notes
4:04 pm
Wed December 2, 2009

Earth Notes - Carbon Sequestration

The Cholla Power Plant outside Holbrook, site of a carbon sequestration test.

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is an optimistic but untested idea for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. The concept is simple. Carbon dioxide is a primary cause of climate change so why not bury it? Now a test of that idea is coming to northeast Arizona.

Starting soon, 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide gas will be trucked to Joseph City, a small community west of Holbrook. That's the site of the coal-fired Cholla Power Plant run by APS, Arizona's largest electricity utility.

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Earth Notes
3:59 pm
Wed November 25, 2009

Earth Notes - Turkeys

Flagstaff, AZ – Earthnotes: Turkeys

Celebrating the bounty of Earth with turkeys isn't a new custom on the Colorado Plateau. This big game bird, native to North America, has been an important staple of regional diets at least since the days of the Anasazi a thousand years ago.

The Anasazi kept turkeys in pens for food and used their feathers to make blankets. Turkeys probably also ate grasshoppers in cultivated fields of corn and beans.

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Earth Notes
3:56 pm
Wed November 18, 2009

Earth Notes - John Wetherill

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: John Wetherill and Navajo National Monument

This year Navajo National Monument celebrates its one-hundredth birthday. The park, in northeast Arizona, is home to three outstanding ancestral Puebloan sites Keet Seel, Betatakin, and Inscription House.

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Earth Notes
3:53 pm
Wed November 11, 2009

Earth Notes - Bighorn Sheep

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Bighorn Sheep

The sight of a bighorn sheep poised on a narrow canyon ledge is always breathtaking. Muscular and lithe, these hooved mammals are majestic symbols of wilderness. But not so long ago, these native sheep were a rare sighting indeed in much of the Southwest.

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