Earth Notes

Earth Notes
1:44 pm
Mon May 17, 2010

Earth Notes - Green Oil

Flagstaff, AZ – Ever wonder what happens to the millions of gallons of motor oil drained from our cars each year in the course of repairs and maintenance? When treated carelessly, it's a major source of pollution to waterways. The EPA estimates that as much as 40 percent of the nation's oil pollution may come from improper disposal of used motor oil by shade-tree mechanics.

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Earth Notes
8:46 am
Wed May 12, 2010

Earth Notes- Rainbow Bridge

Flagstaff AZ – This year Rainbow Bridge celebrates its 100th year since President Taft declared it a national monument.

Earth Notes
10:26 am
Wed May 5, 2010

Earth Notes - Floating

Flagstaff AZ – Springtime is important for cottonwoods in the Southwest. Snow melt helps these trees survive.

Earth Notes
1:02 pm
Wed April 28, 2010

Earth Notes - Pollen

A bee covered in pollen.

Flagstaff AZ – In the Southwest pollen can cause year round irritation. However it does get noticeably more frustrating for allergy sufferers in the Spring.

Earth Notes
11:04 am
Wed April 14, 2010

Earth Notes - Cold Frames

Flagstaff, AZ – Earth Notes: Cold Frames

The short frost-free growing season in the Southwest can make growing crops through to harvest a tricky business. Savvy gardeners muster all the help they can and many use cold frames, which can extend the growing season by months.

Cold frames use free energy, relying on the sun's warmth shining through the clear cover. Be sure that your cover is made of PVC, plastic or polycarbonate, so that it's light enough to lift easily.

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Earth Notes
8:58 am
Wed April 7, 2010

Earth Notes - Painted Desert Inn

Flagstaff, AZ – The Painted Desert Inn has been a signature landmark in northern Arizona since the 1920's. But, it's fate has been iffy at times.

Earth Notes
6:04 am
Wed March 24, 2010

Earth Notes - Too Much Of A Good Thing

Flagstaff, AZ – Ammonia may be known for its pungent smell. But, it also promotes plant growth. However, new research suggests that too much ammonia can be a problem.

Earth Notes
5:30 am
Wed March 10, 2010

Earth Notes - Verde Valley Grapes

Flagstaff, AZ – Agricultural grapes have a surprisingly long history in Arizona, particularly in the Verde Valley and Jerome. The grapes even survived prohibition. Now Verde Valley winemakers are beginning to boom.

Earth Notes
3:38 pm
Wed March 3, 2010

Earth Notes - Tijeras Canyon Wildlife Crossing

Flagstaff, AZ – Tijeras Canyon near Albuquerque, New Mexico is becoming a safe zone for wild animals trying to cross Interstate 40. That's because of a new wildlife crosswalk made just for them.

Earth Notes
6:22 am
Wed February 10, 2010

Earth Notes - Fierce Ground Squirrels

Flagstaff, AZ – Ground Squirrels may seem like innocent woodland creatures. But, when it comes to protecting the nest, they can be more fierce than a rattlesnake.