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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered state police to create a border strike force to help law enforcement agencies along the Mexican border respond to crimes.

The strike force hasn't been formally announced, but The Associated Press confirmed its existence Thursday after obtaining a letter the governor sent to the Cochise County sheriff.

The force is designed to work with state, local and federal agencies to "stop border-related crime."

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Claiming a pattern of civil rights abuse, the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit today in federal court to find out exactly how the Border Patrol enforces immigration law far from Mexico. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

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A Senate panel voted Tuesday to take the first steps to having taxpayers spend $30 million to build a virtual border fence. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.

Attorneys for immigrant rights groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to rebuff a last-ditch attempt by the state to start prosecuting people for harboring and transporting those not in the country legally. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

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State taxpayers may spend $30 million determine if the federal government is living up to its commitment to secure the border. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer explains.