AZ Dept of Corrections

AZ. Department of Corrections

Two transgender prison inmates are suing the state of Arizona and a former corrections officer, alleging that the guard forced them to engage in sexual acts.

Sheriff Paul Penzone says he's pursuing the option of turning a complex of jail tents into a detention space where inmates would work with shelter animals in a bid to teach prisoners compassion and discourage them from committing future crimes.

Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic

A federal judge in Phoenix on Wednesday said the state of Arizona must allow witnesses to view the entirety of an execution, including each time drugs are administered, in a legal win for a coalition of news organizations that filed suit over secrecy surrounding lethal injections.

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Attorneys will present arguments before a federal judge in Phoenix on Friday in one of two cases challenging the secrecy surrounding executions in Arizona.

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 A judge presiding over a lawsuit that protests how Arizona carries out the death penalty extracted promises in court from the state Wednesday that it won't use the sedative midazolam in future executions.