Affordable Care Act

Gov. Brewer Rejects State Designed Insurance Exchange

Nov 28, 2012

It will be the federal government and not the state that will be running the new health insurance exchanges.

Arizona’s U-S House lawmakers voted along party lines in another Republican attempt to repeal the nation’s health care law.  The Democrats accuse the G-O-P of breaking their promise to replace the law, not merely repeal it.

Hours after the Supreme Court upheld the health law Republicans were preparing for the repeal vote. By some counts it’s the thirty first time the House has voted to repeal all or part of the law. Arizona Democrat Raul Grijalva says the G-O-P is just trying to score political points while avoiding any attempt to reform the system.

The U-S Supreme Court Thursday upheld the Affordable Care Act championed by President Barack Obama. But how could the ruling affect the health care industry and the state of Arizona.

A rural clinic in Northern Arizona is bracing for an influx of patients once the details of today’s Supreme Court ruling on healthcare shake out. Non-profit community health centers have long filled in the gaps of the nation’s health system by taking care of uninsured or underinsured patients.