Land Lines

Third Thursday of the month
  • Hosted by Michael Collier, Rose Houk

Writer Rose Houk and geologist Michael Collier take us to places on the Colorado Plateau in the new monthly KNAU series "Land Lines." Tune into Morning Edition and All Things Considered every third Thursday of the month as they explore places ranging from Grand Falls to Montezuma Well.


Funded in part by Northern Arizona Orthopedics

Land Line Credits

Land Lines has been recorded and edited by Diane Hope.


George Billingsley, USGS

Michael Ort, NAU Geology

Nancy Riggs, NAU Geology

Wendell Duffield, USGS/NAU Geology emeritus

Drew Barringer, Meteor Crater Enterprises

David Gillette, Museum of Northern Arizona Paleontology

Dean Blinn, NAU Biology emeritus

Janelle Wilkinson, USGS

Kathy Davis, Superintendent, Montezuma Castle Natl Monument

University of New Mexico

Wilderness areas represent the highest degree of protection the federal government grants to public lands. They’re managed for values of solitude, scenery, and natural habitat.