US And Mexico Make Water History

Nov 20, 2012

The United States and Mexico signed an historic agreement Tuesday to ration and protect Colorado River water.

The deal caps years of negotiations, and forms a united front against future drought in the West.

The treaty is called Minute 319. Mexico has agreed to share in water shortages and surpluses. Also under the agreement California, Arizona and Nevada will buy water from Mexico, which will use some of the money to upgrade its water delivery infrastructure. Water will be also sent to the nearly dry Colorado River Delta in Mexico to replenish wetlands.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Michael Connor said the treaty is a huge step for both counties.

"Minute 319 it’s simply the crowning achievement on an unprecedented three-year period of cooperation with Mexico and we view ourselves moving into the future as we are not just neighbors with Mexico we are true partners in the Colorado River Basin," Connor said.

Mexico will also be able to store some of its water in the Lake Mead Reservoir for future use. The agreement is considered a trial run and expires in five years.