Terry Goddard to run for Governor

Phoenix, AZ – Goddard formed an exploratory committee in November, saying he
believes he could provide better leadership than Jan Brewer. But
he sidestepped questions at that time of exactly what he would do
different than the incumbent to deal with the state's deficit.

(Specific proposals are going to have to wait until I become a
candidate, if I make that decision. I'm very disturbed and I
don't deny we have a serious challenge ahead of us.)

But on Friday, after the new paperwork was filed with the
secretary of state's office, Goddard was nowhere to be found. He
did not return calls to his office, home or cell. And campaign
aide Rodd McLeod said he had no intent of making the candidate

(When we have an official announcement to make, he will be
available to you and answer all your questions.)

Goddard lost two prior bids to become governor in the 1990s. He
was elected attorney general in 2002 and won a second term four
years later. While Goddard is aiming his barbs at Brewer, she may
not be his foe in November. Brewer first has to beat off
challenges from state Treasurer Dean Martin, former Board of
Regents President John Munger and Paulden business owner Buz
Mills. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.