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Wed March 28, 2012

Teen's Death Slows Push For 'Neighborhood Watch' Film



Sometimes, Hollywood and the real world collide in unhappy ways. That's what's happening to Fox Pictures. They're releasing a comedy this summer that stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. The title, "Neighborhood Watch."


BEN STILLER: (as Character) Sergeant, he assaulted us with eggs.

JONAH HILL: (as Character) Look at me.

STILLER: Look at me. Look at him and listen to me.

HILL: Listen. Listen to my words and hear his face.

BLOCK: Well, Fox has pulled the film's teaser poster and trailer after the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Martin is the Florida teenager shot and killed last month by a member of a neighborhood watch group.

Fox Pictures issued a statement saying they are sensitive to the case, but the studio says "Neighborhood Watch" is a sci-fi comedy and they have no plans to push back the July release.


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