Tax hike picks up foes

Phoenix, AZ – In a joint statement, senators John McCain and Jon Kyl said they
support the right of Arizonans to decide whether they want a
temporary one-cent hike in sales taxes. But the pair said that,
given the state of the economy -- quote -- we fundamentally
oppose increasing taxes on small businesses and working families.
Brewer, in her own prepared statement, suggested the two senators
were putting politics above principle, saying -- quote -- doing
the right thing often means doing the hard thing. But our
children and their future deserve no less. David Leibowitz,
spokesman for the pro-tax campaign, was more blunt about the
effect of politics on the position. McCain is trying to fend off
a challenge within his own party from former Congressman J.D.
Hayworth who is attacking McCain as being too liberal. And Kyl's
term is up in two years.

(We caught some, what do you want to say, thi is like one of
those drive-by shooting or something and the innocent get shot in
the head on the sidelines? We caught a bullet that kind of
deflected off of another campaign.)

Brewer is increasingly isolated within her own party, with the
three Republicans who want her job all also on record in
opposition to the tax hike. And neither McCain nor Kyl has shown
any interest in backing her in the GOP primary. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.