Statewide, Officials are Sworn into Office

Phoenix, AZ – Tom Horne won the race for attorney general at least in part
because of his strong support for SB 1070. That measure, approved
last year, gives police more power to detain and arrest illegal
immigrants. It provoked several lawsuits, with then Attorney
General Terry Goddard expressing his disapproval. In the end,
Brewer hired her own legal counsel to defend the law. Horne said
the situation is now different.

(Arizona now has an attorney general who will defend SB 1070 in
the court. And an attorney general who will vigorously represent
our governor and the state of Arizona.)

Ultimately, Goddard said while he thought the final version of
the law was ill considered, it was legally defensible. But by
that time Brewer kicked him off the defense team. Goddard said
that was not her right but he never contested it in court.
Horne's pronouncement doesn't mean the private lawyers will go
away. Horne said Brewer can keep her own counsel to represent
her. And he will represent the state. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.