State treasuer Dean Martin announces bid for governor

Phoenix, AZ – Martin said the problem is that for years the state has been
spending more than it collects in taxes.

(Each of us has to live within our own means. And since
government lives off our means, why should they be any different?
We could have avoided much of this budget pain if we had simply
followed that principle.)

But Martin refused to say exactly what programs or services he
would cut to get spending in line with revenues. And he opposes
incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer's plan for a temporary one-cent hike in
the sales tax until the economy improves as well as the move by
lawmakers to sell of $735 million of state buildings to generate
immediate cash and lease them back for the next 20 years. Martin
also said the state should do more to secure the border. Pressed
for specifics afterwards, he said that means armed National Guard

(What's the difference of guarding the Arizona border than
guardian the Afghan border or guarding the Iraqi border? It's a
very similar role. And so the training they could obtain in
helping us secure our border is very easily translated to
possible deployment overseas.)

Martin joins an increasingly crowded race of Republicans which
includes not only Brewer but also Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon
Parker, former Board of Regents President John Munger and Paulden
businessman Buz Mills. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard