State Survey Shows President Losing Appeal

Phoenix, AZ – When pollster Earl de Berge asked Arizonans about the presidents
performance three months after he took office, 51 percent said
they thought he was doing a good to excellent job. Even 22
percent of Republicans gave him a thumbs up. But the latest
Behavior Ressearch Center survey released Sunday showed only 28
percent now give the president positive ratings. And while he
still is over 50 percent among Democrats, just 22 percent of
independents and 8 percent of Republicans approve of his job
performance. De Berge said much of that slide tracks with a
separate poll he does asking Arizonans about their views on the
economy and current job market conditions. He said those who
think the job market is getting worse have the least favorable
views about Obama. But the survey also began June 30, after it
had become clear the Department of Justice, asked by the
president to look at Arizona's new immigration law, intended to
file suit. That all became official when the Obama administration
went to federal court on July 6 -- right in the middle of the
polling -- asking a judge to block the statute from taking effect
as scheduled July 29. That law which spells out when police have
to ask those they have stopped about their immigration status, is
proving popular in the state, with every single survey showing it
is backed by more than half of state residents. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.