State of the State ceremony reflects on shooting

Flagstaff, AZ – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says the state is grieving, but strong and united in the face of the shooting that left six people dead and 14 injured. Brewer appealed for unity while addressing a joint session of the state Legislature. She also saluted Daniel Hernandez, the intern who treated Gifford's wounds until she was taken to the hospital.

"If it wasn't for Daniel's actions, Conresswoman Giffords would not be with us today. you are a true hero. Stand, let us applaud you for your actions."

Several legislative leaders expressed hope that something positive could come out of this tragic event. House minority leader, democrat Chad Campbell, wants his colleagues to promise to debate each other with civility.

"Let's get to know each other. We are all not blank slates, not partisan placeholders, we are people, if you make friendships, you will be surprised with what you find."

Arizona Speaker of the House, Republican Kirk Adams, echoed those sentiments.

"The defining difference between civil society and anarchy is the ability to respect and value those with whom we disagree. My prayer is that this lesson will be evident in communications of this body and in our society."

Adams also spoke directly to the media and to the quote "ubiquitous pundits" listening:

"Arizona is a beautiful state, with great people, hardy people. We are determined. We will grieve, pray, and hope in our future. Through this tragedy we will become stronger and build a better Arizona for a second century."