State panel approves restricting abortions

Phoenix, AZ – The state moved one step closer today to putting new restrictions
on abortion.

Legislation approved by the House Committee on Public Safety and
Human Services requires a 24-hour waiting period before a woman
could terminate a pregnancy. Women would need to have a face-to-
face visit that far ahead to be given information, ranging from
medical risks to the possible availability of financial help for
those who want to keep the baby. Planned Parenthood President
Bryan Howard said that will force women to incur additional
unnecessary costs.

"The practical implication of that is that in just those three
categories -- travel, lost wages and child care -- women
themselves will pay $1,552,000 per year out of pocket to access
the care over and above the cost of the care."

But Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy
which opposes all forms of abortion, said the legislation is

"Most every medical procedure that you think of you would have a
first appointment, a consult, you would meet with the doctor, you
would talk to him about what your alternatives are, what the
options are, and whether it was the best decision for your
medical care."

Similar legislation already has been approved by the House. And
Gov. Jan Brewer is on record as opposing abortion except to save
a woman's life.