State Officials Go On Offensive on Issue of Federal Government and Illegal Immigration

Phoenix, AZ – Last year the Obama administration sued the state, charging that
SB 1070 is an illegal infringement on the exclusive right of the
federal government to control immigration. A judge agreed,
enjoining enforcement of several key provisions. Now Gov. Jan
Brewer said the state is responding in kind, charging that if
Washington won't let Arizona deal with the problem, then the feds
should do the job.

(We did not want this fight, we did not start this fight. But now
that we are in it, Arizona will not rest until our border is
secure and federal immigration laws are enforced.)

The lawsuit has several theories, including that the
administration is ignoring a 2008 law requiring the Department of
Homeland Security to -- quote -- achieve and maintain operational
control of the Arizona-Mexico border. But Attorney General Tom
Horne said there's a broader basis for the claim.

(The United States Constitution, Article 4 Section 4, requires
the United States to protect Arizona against invasion. The word
invasion does not necessarily mean invasion of one country by
another country, but can mean large numbers of illegal immigrants
from various countries.)

Brewer said most of the costs would be paid by a defense fund
that already has about $3.7 million in donations. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.