State Measure would Make Arizona have an Official Firearm

Phoenix, AZ – The measure would declare the Colt single action Army revolver
the official state firearm. It was crafted by Colt lobbyist Todd
Rathner. He told Arizona Public Radio the designation is

(It's historically important to the founding of this state and to
the survival of the state. The Arizona Rangers used them. The
Copper Queen mine used them. There's another copper mine that
used them. I'm serious. I have shipping records from the 1850s.)

Sen. Adam Driggs said all that may be true. But Driggs pointed
out that every other official state item, from a butterfly and a
tree to even the bola tie as official neckwear, is generic. He
said this is different.

(This is advertisement for Colt. If the state is going to go in
this direction, I think that we should get the equivalent of
naming rights and maybe we should get some funds to draw down the
general fund.)

How much could be involved? Hard to say, as there's no precedent.
But the University of Phoenix agreed to pony up $154 million over
20 years to put its name on the Cardinals stadium in Glendale.
Driggs found himself on the minority end of this fight as his
colleagues approved the measure anyway without the state getting
a cent. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.