State lawmakers move to protect Arizonan's gun rights

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would let individuals and companies produce
weapons and bullets without having to comply with federal
firearms regulations. Rep. Nancy McLain of Bullhead City said the
measure is designed to assert the state's rights under the 10th
Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which says those things not
delegated to the federal government are reserved for the states
or their residents. She said said Congress has increasingly used
another constitutional provision allowing the federal government
to regulate interstate commerce to control things like gun sales.
McLain said the measure is more than an academic exercise of
states' rights. She cited testimony by a gun rights advocate that
there have been moves at the federal level that could restrict
access to bullets.

(If you start regulating ammunition so it's not easily available,
then that is, in effect, trying to take guns out of the hands of
people because, as he stated, unless you want to throw it at
somebody, a gun without ammunition is basically useless.)

There are limits. Weapons would have to be stamped ``Made in
Arizona'' and could be sold only within the state. And it would
bar the manufacture of things that are generally restricted by
federal law like machine guns, mortar launchers or weapons that
cannot be carried by one person. Her bill awaits action by the
full House. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.