State allows guns in bars

Phoenix, AZ – State lawmakers agreed today to let some gun owners bring their
weapons into restaurants -- but not before they expanded the
measure to also apply to bars.

State law bans weapons anywhere alcohol is served. Gary
Christensen of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
said that limits where people who carry a concealed weapon for
self defense can eat, as many restaurants also have liquor

(You have to decide are you going to go in, are you going to go
someplace else, are you going to leave the gun in the car,
Personally, my old pickup truck isn't the place I want to leave a
gun and arm a criminal that may or may not want to break in and
steal my vehicle.)

The original measure limited carrying guns only into places where
food also is served. But lawmakers agreed to extend that to bars
after complaints from a lobbyist that was confusing and
restrictive. The law affects only those who have a permit to
carry a concealed weapon. And those who are armed cannot drink.
But Rep. Kyrsten Sinema said that provides little comfort.

(As far as I can tell, there's nothing in the bill that says a
person with a CCW permit who enters an establishment where
alcohol is served, they don't have to like check in, notify
anyone, like, hey, by the way, I'm packing under my coat. You
can't see it. But because I am, I'm going to not drink.)

Business owners could opt out by posting a no-guns sign.