Sheriff concerned about immigration bill

Flagstaff, AZ – The bill would require law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of anyone they come in contact with as part of an investigation. It would also allow police, without a warrant, to arrest and deport someone if they have reasonable suspicion that they've committed a public offense and are in the U-S illegally.

Bill Pribil is the Coconino County Sheriff.

"I am not going to be put in a position where our officers are profiling individuals because of the color their skin or the language they speak."

Pribil says his office is already enforcing immigration laws. But he says first and foremost it's a federal issue.

"The federal government has to step and we have to seal the border in order to say "OK, we've solved that issue and now what are we going to do with the folks that are here."

The Flagstaff police department is withholding comment on the bill until it becomes law. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund has already promised to sue, saying the bill both allows illegal racial profiling and illegally puts the state in the business of enforcing federal immigration law.

Brewer has through Saturday to sign the bill.