Senate Republicans Voted this Afternoon to Choose Russell Pearce as New State Senate President

Phoenix, AZ – Pearce has headed the Appropriations Committee for the last two
years. But he is best known for his perennial and often
controversial efforts to find new ways the state can have an
impact on illegal immigration. Pearce said his new position
leading his party and the entire Senate won't alter that.

(You have a different role. And I recognize that. But you still
have to do what's right for Arizona and America. You don't back
up. When you talk about controversial, America support this,
three to one, across this country. Arizona is the model for this
nation. We have a debate going coast to coast. And Arizona is on
the front of the parade in almost every one of those debates.)

But Pearce also said he intends to push hard to shrink the size
of state government and reduce taxes, even with the deficit.

(It's time to roll things back. That's what the Tea Party
movement's about. Less government. More freedom. If you want to
really grow jobs, get government out of the way. Government
consumes wealth. Private industry is what produces wealth. And
we're going to focus on private jobs.)

Pearce acknowledged though the first order of business is to deal
with the current red ink which could be approaching $900 million.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.