Republican Legislative Leaders Plan Special Session to put an Anti-Union Measure on Ballot

Phoenix, AZ – With only Republicans in support, lawmakers voted last year to
put a constitutional proposal before voters this November to
guarantee the right of a secret ballot, both in public elections
and in votes to organize a union. With public votes already by
secret ballot, the main purpose was to block efforts to allow
unions to organize by simply getting the signatures of a majority
of affected workers. Business interests say the system, known as
card check, can result in some employees feeling intimidated to
sign. But the state Supreme Court ruled this week the measure
violates a prohibition against constitutional proposals with more
than one subject. So now the union foes want lawmakers to put
just the part aimed at labor organizing on the ballot. House
Majority Leader John McComish said the Republicans who control
both the House and Senate are more than happy to oblige.

(It's an issue that we as Republicans agree with. And there was a
judicial decision about the single subject rule. It's responsible
to see that it legally gets on the ballot and doesn't violate the
single subject rule.)

But time is running out. Secretary of State Ken Bennett said he
has to have the language no later than Wednesday. And without
Democratic support to waive the rules, it takes three days to
pass any measure. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard