Republican candidates recieve last minute free publicity

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Commerce Authority signed on to ad in the Saturday
Arizona Republic thanking Gov. Jan Brewer for advancing the
renewable energy industry. And while listing the names of all the
legislators who voted for legislation more than a year ago, the
ad specifically singles out Sen. Barbara Leff for sponsoring it.
Leff is running for state treasurer. Commerce Authority spokesman
David Drennon said the ad was the idea of the Greater Phoenix
Economic Council which also paid the bill. GPEC spokeswoman
Michalle Rider said it follows not only last year's legislation
but also Business Facilities Magazine publishing an article
nearly three weeks ago declaring Arizona the top state for
alternative renewable energy.

(We wanted to thank everybody. And we really should have done it
a long time ago because the bill passed a while back. But we've
gotten some successes lately and we thought we need to put
something out. It was actually supposed to run a week ago. And it
just didn't because we wanted to finalize it and make sure we had
everything right. And we missed the deadline.)

Drennon said his agency previewed the ad before it ran and saw
nothing wrong with it, with the timing, or with putting the
authority's name and logo onto it.

(We were fine with it and the intent that it was recognizing the
effort, the win for Arizona.)

Both Brewer and Leff have opposition in their primaries. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.